Faculty Profiles

We have assembled a world-class team of faculty for the program, who are engaged in cutting-edge research and have exceptional industry experience. Our faculty is at the forefront of business research in Asia and they bring their insights and experience to the classroom to empower students with a deeper under standing of Asian business and the best global management practices in Asia. A partial list of teaching faculty for the program is shown below.

Prof. Mingyi HUNG Head and Chair Professor
Department of Accounting
(PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Research Interests: International financial reporting standards, the information and monitoring roles of accounting in international capital markets, the interaction between country-specific institutional factors and accounting information
Prof. Kevin C. W. CHEN Chair Professor
Department of Accounting
(PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 
Certified Public Accountant, Taiwan

Research Interests: Accounting information and securities pricing, use of accounting information in contract enforcement and regulation.
Prof. Charles HSU Chair Professor
Department of Accounting
(PhD, Purdue University)

Research interests: Earning management: analysts' forecasts and voluntary disclosures
Prof. Haifeng YOU Professor
Department of Accounting
(PhD, University of California, Berkeley)

Research interests: Analyst behavior, fundamental analysis, security valuation, market efficiency
Prof. Shiheng WANG Associate Professor
Department of Accounting
(PhD, Queen's University)

Research interests: International accounting, earnings management and accounting fraud, financial analyst activities
Prof. Peter CHEN Associate Professor
Department of Accounting
(PhD, University of Alberta)

Research interests: Accounting information and valuation, corporate governance, financial analysts
Prof. Tony SHIEH Associate Professor of Business Education
Department of Accounting
MSAC Academic Director
(PhD, New York University)
Fellow Member, CPA Australia
Certified Information System Auditor, ISACA

Research interests: International accounting, corporate governance, accounting information systems
Dr. Kelvin MAK Senior Lecturer
Department of Accounting
(PhD, City University of Hong Kong)
Fellow Member, CPA Australia

Research interests: Analysts' behavior, cost of equity capital, taxation
Dr. Jing TAN Lecturer
Department of Accounting
(PhD, The University of Hong Kong)

Research interests: Business law, company law, intellectual property protection in digital age, business ethics
Mr. David LAI Senior Lecturer
Department of Accounting
(LLM, KCL, MSc Oxford)
Barrister-at-Law, FCPA

Research interests: Auditor's liabilities; company law and corporate governance; international taxation
Dr. Steven CHEUNG Lecturer
Department of Accounting
(PhD, University of the West of England)

Research interests: Earnings management; Corporate governance; Executive compensation