Careers & Enrichment

Careers & Enrichment

The HKUST MSAC program helps prepare students to be ready to start or to advance their career. The HKUST Business School’s MSc Career and Professional Development team provides guidance and service for all full-time MSc students, which includes:

  • Identifying the student’s unique career-related interests, values and capabilities;
  • Enhancing job searching skills, preparing for workplace requirements and career management strategies;
  • Accessing opportunities for internships and full-time employment with a diverse group of recruiting firms and organizations.

One-on-one career coaching, as well as career-related training/workshops will be provided for students when they join HKUST.

The MSc Career & Professional Development team will also arrange various enrichment activities and luncheon talks for students. These will be a platform for networking with industry practitioners and senior management from industry in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Students can also take up an internship to apply their academic experience and theoretical knowledge in a real-life, professional, multi-cultural environment. The MSAC Program Office partnered with professional bodies and related industries to offer internship programs to students. Through MSAC alumni, the Program Office is also strengthening its network to extend more internship opportunities.