Aber AHMED (2017 - 18 Intake)

Bachelor University: The University of Hong Kong (BBA in Accounting and Finance)
Current Company: HKExcel Education Ltd.
Position: IB Coordinator

The MSAC program is extremely well designed to provide the students with an efficient learning system within a very short period of time. The program allows students from different backgrounds to solidify their basic accounting knowledge, while adopting practical approaches that allows us to apply the concepts to real world scenarios. The professors are extremely knowledgeable and their exposure to worldly matters is evident in the way they conduct their classes and engage students in critical thinking and analysis of real world cases, both old and current, in various markets around the world. They provided us with a challenging environment that allowed us to push ourselves beyond our capabilities to truly achieve a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles and their applications. I am extremely grateful to the MSAC staff and faculty for all their efforts.

Margaret LIN (2017 - 18 Intake)

Bachelor University: Rice University (BA in Mathematical Economic Analysis)
Current Company: PROS
Position: Financial Analyst

Enrolling in the MSAC program is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Academically, the program is rigorous and the professors are highly qualified. I appreciated how some of the professors shared with us about their research, as well as anecdotes from their work experience – they made accounting feel tangible and important. The environment at HKUST is also great for business students. The MSAC program reflects Hong Kong; it offers plenty of opportunities to explore the city as not only a finance capital of Asia, but also as an important connection between China and the West. Furthermore, there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit at HKUST, and the business school provides excellent support for students searching for job opportunities in Hong Kong. Finally, the MSAC program provides a high-quality alumni network of hardworking and intelligent students. Thanks to fun class events arranged by the program office, we have become like a large family. I believe we are well-equipped for success in our future careers, in large part because of the experiences and connections we made during the MSAC program.

Young Jin SONG (2016 - 17 Intake)

Bachelor University: Yonsei University (Bachelor of Business Administration)
Current Company & Location: Woori Bank Hong Kong
Position: Assistant Vice President

I was impressed about the curriculum design and the interactive approach adopted by individual course instructor. The program emphasized on both the all-round academic content and latest practice from the industry. As an international student, I appreciated the various kinds of support provided by the program office; it accelerated my adaptation to the living environment and learning in Hong Kong. Besides, I was also secured a graduate job opportunity by the guidance and advice including professional coaching, useful workshops on resume & cover letter preparations, etc. provided by the MSc CPD team and faculty members, this is especially important for non-Chinese speakers who wish to start the career in Hong Kong. I want to say thank you all the effort and care provided by from MSAC Program Office and throughout this intensive and exciting academic year.

Natalia BOGATKINA (2015 - 16 Intake)

Bachelor University: Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics & Informatics (MESI) (BSc in Finance and Credit)
Current Company & Location: Fung, Yu & Co. (Hong Kong)
Position: Senior Auditor

The Professors of the MSAC program are all experienced and well-rounded professionals. During the lectures, they adopted practical approaches so it was easier for us to connect the academic content with the latest industry practice and trends. Moreover, classes were not only focused on the China market but also covered other countries. Thus, we were given a more comprehensive and worldwide perspective of different markets. As an international student, it was crucial for me to keep abreast of everything so that I can adapt to the life and study in Hong Kong easily. I am glad to have the support from MSAC Program Office and classmates throughout my study.

Olivia CHEN (2015 - 16 Intake)

Bachelor University: The University of Hong Kong (BSc in Risk Management and Finance)
Current Company & Location: CV Capital International Limited
Position: Analyst

The MSAC program’s curriculum is well designed, in particular, as a graduate from a non-accounting bachelor program, I have acquired practical foundation knowledge of accounting from the core courses. I really appreciated our professors who organized the course content in a way that students can easily understand, even those who come from a non-accounting background. I found that accounting is more interesting than I had expected. The MSc Career & Professional Development (CPD) team helped us to polish resume for targeted job applications, offered mock interview sessions, and personal coaching which provided useful feedback and guidance. I appreciate the effort by the MSc CPD team.

Xi ZENG (2014 - 15 Intake)

Bachelor University: The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (Bachelor in International Accounting (specialized in U.S. GAAP))
Current Company: Citic Poly Private Equity Fund
Position: Manager

The MSAC program is exceptionally well-designed in both academic offerings and career support. The curriculum was rigorous and rewarding and professors were very approachable in the classroom and during their office hours. Though being a student with accounting background, I still found the academic experience fulfilling. Equally importantly, the MSAC program were incredibly valuable in helping us with our career development. The professors and career center also consistently supported us with mock interview, resume editing and coaching.